life coaching personal experiences.

This is a blog/life coaching personal experiences.
png-2506474__340[1]I am creating a blog with my life experiences and showering you the tools I used to bring me back to life. My life has not been an easy one growing up, ranging from abuse to attempting to take my own life. I do not blame anybody for my hard times as it has made me strong and who I am now.


I am now a life coach/Massage Therapist and have always tried to look on the positive side of life to get me through the traumas thrown at me. I am here to help you move forward and be happy to, by small talk and giving you some tools for you to use in your own personal experiences.


I love righting down my feelings and examining them in where they come from and how I can turn them around in making me happy and finding the real me. some great info I like to read.

So enjoy the reading join in with comments and questions, I am here to help and check out my services.
thanks Pandy

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