What is Rich to you?

The riches of life

  • Who decide we are rich.?
  • what makes us rich?
  • how do we believe we are rich?

amazing-2508371__340[1]The one covered in gold or the one that have nothing and are smiling?


my personal experience is I had a lot well some gold from my ex marriage. And I use to put it in on the days I wanted people to notice me and feel rich but inside it Did not change mess I still felt lost and sad.

Then I sold it all and feel great not having any as people see me as who I am. It changed the way I see life selling all and only keeping what is needed.


This also happened when I bought my display home with display future not much feeling in it at all.

Finding out that material stuff is not what it’s cracked up to be. If you are lost inside your self nothing can change this but you, no one can replace this. This is time to do work on self healing so that’s what I am doing.

http://oramassage.com/ look up my services.

We all need a little encouragement from somewhere. That’s where I am here for you to vent.

Your journey, your life. Look after it.

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