Why we still hold onto the past?

The past is still familiar to us.

  • It is what we know and have experience.
  • We are creating new past all the time
  • it is still in our hearts to some degree
  • or it is anger we are trying to let go of

what ever it is to you is your story

this is my story holding onto something that is just making me angry is not healthy for you and who is around you. We must let go for good health and reason.

So coming to realise this still has a hold on me because I didn’t find closer is hard. So now I feel sometimes I am living two lives one that was meant to be and one that’s is all I wanted it to be.

I found on this journey that I have now closure in that the life I always wanted is here now and letting go of what happened and could not complete the last life of my journey.

Why do we question what was and what is?

It is because we have not found closure in our self and finding our self and knowledge of our selves. This I am feeling is what is missing in our lives that’s why we fuck the good things up in our lives.

Be satified with what is good!

one thing that I do keep seeing in my photos now my smile is real and big and in photos then it is still hidden. That is my true answer now I am happy and I just have to see it In myself to believe.


What can you see when you look at your true self? And how can you make it better?

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