Learning to listen to your inner soul

learning to listen to your inner soul

life creates a busy life style.

we get cought up in what becomes robotic and easy.

we forget who our loved ones are as we pass them in the hall way.

We forget to communicate and follow our life style habits

then realise we are feeling alone and not herd and take it out on the ones we love and care for.

the things I notice as I pass through my journey is to pause and notice.

These are some of my experiences

just Changing our thought patterns, partner comes home you been at work all day and he got the meat out to Thor our for dinner but put it in the fridge and is still frozen.

My first thought is to take the blame on him why we have nothing for dinner.

Then my other thought was to think of his reasoning for it.

7277FBE4-0F1D-4DBD-B086-6EDC265A351DI say sorry and then start reframing my thoughts and listen to his words and yes it was because he did not know if I would get home late and the meat would go off.

Changing our thoughts can make us happier and help us understand our loved one and appreciate what we are attached to and love in the first place.

Be kind

pause before you speak

and feel the inner soul talking to you

Oramassage and mind




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