Horse meditation

IMG_1827 (333 x 443)I have been going to Hope Reins for the last three weeks and it has been amazing. The stories of these magic horse and where they have come from and the beautiful place with so much love they are in now. These women are amazing with how they naturally help you with life struggles we face every day. The horses teach about ourseves and are taking me on a emotional journey.

Yesterday I was faced with anxiety and was not aware of it till the horse showed me, in the end we had a bond of trust and it felt good. You don’t need to ride horses all the time you gain so much more if you just pause and feel what you are feeling and notice the horses response they will teach you if you just listen.

So it started with me walking up to the horse and the horse walking away as she felt my anxiety and she has anxiety too. Then we where in the round yard and giving her direction in the round yard as she takes off kicking and bucking and not listening the story of my life. We made clear instructions took the pressure off by stepping back as she listen and settled and at the end we both found trust and leadership as she just followed me around freely.

Life is not about pretending we are happy and have a great life. it goes deep into how we connect and listen with other as we gain trust and bond with in our loved ones. that’s what make a difference in being truly happy.

Hope Reins

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