Feeling Lighter

Feeling Lighter

This has begun to feel easer in life. I am loving the slow and space I am having to nurture myself and simply be myself. I am not feeling pressure to have to be something in the end just enjoying day by day as it all unfolds. Not sure what I am trying to say but I guess I am working my life out as it plays

IMG_6549 (333 x 250)“You can only love others to the same extent, or, as much as, you love yourself”

Life is what you want it to be

But sometimes it is hard to see

See what you might think it should be

So take the time to stop and breath

This will give you light to see

And as you feel you way and see the light in front of the door

It is ok to open it and be the one you want to be

To do and feel good about it you know this is got to be it

So remember to listen to what you are telling your self

And enjoy the light and lightness of life by yourself

The others that are meant to be in your life will float with you as you go.

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