I am way too good at good byes

I am way too good at good byes

This is my life of running from the problems and starting again only to find it all happens again.

I have to stop and pause listen and figure out why I am in fear all the time. I never let anyone in and close to me as I might fall and hurt. The pain and the thought of being alone is the worst. It is the lost child that I keep finding and having to face.

I went lowest in 2017 finding out how lost that little girls was but in saying that found out a lot of strengths as I went there and was found again. To find someone you can go so deep with is amazing and we forget what we had and just move on.

I am finding as time goes on we all need that closure and respect for our self to be able to move forwards. Just denying it and trying to make a life work, does not work.

Let’s face these fears head on and ask our angels what is my lesson to learn and capture to be able to move forwards in life. Having a clear vision does not work if the past is cloudy. We all take baggage into our next relationship long as we recognise it and have the support we need it works out. Relationships and being a parent is the hardest and most rewarding in life.

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