5 steps to open yourself up to happiness

5 steps to open yourself up to happiness

1.       Live in the now

2.       Other people’s opinions don’t matter

3.       Have unlimited beliefs

4.       Live in your relationship

5.       Money is abundance

Most of us live in a life of fear and control that subconsciously takes over these five thing can take over our life’s without even know the why we are feeling like this. We must stop and look of the other side call positive life and not let them control us. So I have changed the way you read the five things to happiness. So the subconscious can start feeding happy and positive into our thoughts.

Psychology says

When you focus on problems you will have more problems.

When you focus on possibilities you will have more opportunities

Start thinking about what you are thinking about.

1.       Living in the now is so important to many of us we let our past control our thoughts of today. We sit in it and think of the ifs? The experiences good or bad and forget the now and looking toward the future is what wills open doors of the exciting and great new beginnings. One fundamental way to change is to become AWARE or MINDFUL of what you are thinking. Make this happing. You’re Exercise for today and every day is when you wake up just before any one disturbs you, says to yourself, now is all there is, and all there always was or will be. Today I live and enjoy the now moments in my life. Discipline of the mind is your goal for change. Leave the pain of your past behind, whatever happened living the past will not win live in the now and focus on the future. This moment which is now to enjoy, live it the now.

2.       Make sure other opinions do not have control of your direction. Ask yourself am I doing this because I want to or because you are scared of what others might say about you if you don’t do it. Shine bright as you are meant to be as beautiful and magical person you are. If they are meant to be in your life and stand by your beliefs they will be. Attract your tribe live in the moment you are happiest. The need to fit in and feel wanted is paths you do not want to follow. You were born to stand out and be amazing don’t dim your lights because of other peoples opinion.

3.       There is nothing you cannot do. Don’t be limited by your subconscious belief that comes from the past. If you believe in yourself the world is your oyster, so think big dream big and go get it. If you believe anything is possible, guess what then anything is possible. Your life will change the minute you change your mind set, anything is possible. Ask believe and receive.

4.       The question is can you live in your own space without relying on another to make you happy. Went we are content and happy with our self we can give love to others. You can only love other to the same extent or as much as you love yourself. Don’t always need. Someone in your life enjoy your own connection with yourself. Learn to love and be happy in your own space first. Then how you love yourself is what you will get back in return. Self approval comes from within.

5.       Do not let your decisions be controlled by money. It is ok to work towards abundance but not letting it come between the ones we love. When you follow your heart and lead with your intention to give and not take it will come. Find your freedom and live.


People will love you, people will hate you, and none of it will have anything to do with you as we are our own reflections.


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