Today lesson is about communicating with our loved one.

The person you live with every day, passing by in your daily routine. We pass and we go on about our business without stopping to check in with the one we fell in love with.

Question:  what was the first thing that attracted you to your loved one? Your answer is what we must remind ourselves about in our daily life. Yes we can go on with small chit chat and go on with our life but really, when you have sat down and looked each other in the eyes and talked about what makes you smile. It is those little things that make life worth saying hi to them. It is In that special way we look into each other’s eyes that say I LOVE YOU.

For me it is those little words that mean heaven and knowing I am still loved that make me smile. You just feel loved, noticed and a feeling of self worth. That’s a life that  has a purpose besides work eat and sleep.

I get things like pretty Lady, you are loved, you have a beautiful soul, when the phone rings and I see your name I smile and a feeling of warmth inside and you make me feel special, those are just a few of the little things that make my day.

These things cost nothing to share with each other.

 Talking about what upset you is a start but you need to look deeper as the trigger came from somewhere else and that’s what you need to talk about with no judgment and listen to each other as you process it in a good way. As you do this still being able to connect and remember all those beautiful times you spent together to bring you back to a positive love connection. Remembering the magic moments as you both share what upset you for the day and more important dig deep to find, notice what the trigger was. Then discuss the trigger not the chit chat stuff.

I am a coach and guidance to help you move through this and achieve what you both are missing. this will bring up emotions but that’s ok we are allowed to have those too, just not aiming them at each other but sitting with your own stuff. Those moments you both love and connect with and a couple.




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